HON. Melissa Price MP

“I wholeheartedly support and commend the work of the Wheatbelt and Beyond Youth Mentoring program. Across my vast electorate of Durack, I see a real need for this sort of work and support for regional youth. The response this program has achieved within the communities it has established itself in, has been very positive and important to both regional youth and their families."

Jake Petterwood

Principal, Bruce Rock District High School

“WBYM is a unique and deeply influential program that has far reaching implications, not only for the children involved, but for our wider community. By allowing our students to develop relationships with successful and engaged young adults, we are supporting them to lift their eyes above and beyond what they may have seen as options for the future. To hear secondary students in Bruce Rock speaking of their futures as having almost limitless potential positions them to be more able to go on to become successful adults who in turn are willing to give back to their communities.” 

Jedda Trueman
Deputy Principal
Quairading District High School

“QDHS Mentoring plays a part in the students' being able to have conversations with mentors that may come from different backgrounds and a variety of different jobs. It helps our students gain a bigger picture of what is happening outside our local area and that they can have the opportunities to engage in other pathways for the future. Just having a conversation with other people outside their circle helps with their development of conversations and maybe a different pathway they may not have thought of. It is important to all young people to have a mentor other than family, friends or peers.” 

Helen Jefferys

Deputy Principal, Carnamah District High School

“The WBYM program helps rural students connect with a person from outside their town who has recently navigated the same issues they are dealing with. Their mentor gives them another sounding board, another person to discuss their career aspirations with and to alleviate some of their concerns re. pathways after school.”