Interacting with and visiting the local Wheatbelt communities

"I have gained an enduring connection with rural Australia. Did research and wrote an essay on education in rural Australia. Also enjoyed the companionship with mentees, mentors, Bruce Rock High School staff and the community."

Making a difference/helping others

  • "Feel like my own experience can help others - feel like a big sister"

  • "Learning to interact with young people"

  • "Being able to communicate more effectively with young people."

Learning about young rural people, their life, and the issues they face

"Gained an insight into a completely different way of life from where I grew up. Seeing how the Bruce Rock community works. Different challenges that the kids come up against, not unique but Bruce Rock kids seem resilient."

Building a relationship with a mentee

"Got to know a great family. Get to see someone grow up and change. Rewarding to be part of the process."

Gaining insight into country communities

"I had no idea that Bruce Rock existed! Glad to have contact with rural people. Gave me an insight into the different lifestyle in the country."